here is what you must know before it’s just too late

Men thrive on novelty. Notice how your guy buys the latest mobile phone model, and weeks after, has his eyes on an entirely new model with better features. This is just how men think, in life. While women are more sentimental and like to keep the old, men get excited with new things and people. Early in the relationship, do not give your man a reason to get tired of you. A woman has many faces - while it is good to show him your true side, it’s also a good idea to take it one date at a time.

why do some men withdraw in a relationship

Once you have entered the tortuous game of love, you will come to find, with much surprise, that men are just as fickle as women are. While women fuss about which pair of shoes to match their brand new little black dress, and change their minds at the last minute, men exhibit similar characteristics, even in love. One minute they are all over you with their sweet nothings, and the next thing you know, they have engaged in an intimate non-talking conversation with their Wii and their PSPs. Find out why men withdraw, and how you can save yourself from being on the losing edge.


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